Arriving at the Mid-Point (and Other Tales from a Master in Creative Writing Class)

Hurrah! A profile page on the University of Auckland website (thanks Jonathan Burgess):

I am now half-way through my Master in Creative Writing at the University of Auckland. The goal: finish the novel by mid-November. 85,000 words. I’m 30,000 in and it feels like I’m just hitting my stride; after a year or more of research and thinking about Evelyn and Morgan, my two protagonists, I know exactly who they are and can hear their thoughts in my mind as I write. It’s like everything before has been pressure on the ocean, and now the wave is finally visible from the shore. The sand under my feet feels good and during the five weeks between semesters, I’m grabbing my surfboard, baby.

Or maybe I could borrow yours, Dad?

Or maybe I could borrow yours, Dad?

I wouldn’t have come so far without the 12 people in my class. You know who you are—thank you. My convenor, Paula Morris is, of course, an amazing published author and business woman. You can find my reviews of some of her books here: Forbidden Cities, Rangitira and Queen of Beauty. Paula has worked tirelessly to source opportunities. I intern for the New Zealand Society of Authors and hosted two gigs at the Auckland Writers Festival, and—beyond amazing—had a two hour master class with Ben Okri, an author who changed the entire direction of my reading at aged 16 with The Famished Road (1991). Watch this space for my review of his latest novel, The Age of Magic.

Next year my work goals are to land the right role within the publishing and literature worlds, where I can utilise both my business experience (business management, talent and event management, social media and P.R.) and my obsession with words. And to be able to keep writing.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

Sarah Costelloe and Phillip Simpson swap their books

Sarah Costelloe and Phillip Simpson swap their books

Two students in my class are already published authors, please check out their websites:

Phillip W. Simpson – young adult and children’s book author, including Minotaur being released later this year.

Sarah Costelloe – author of young adult novel, Forecast.

Thanks for supporting my journey.



5 thoughts on “Arriving at the Mid-Point (and Other Tales from a Master in Creative Writing Class)

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  2. Might have to rename you Dream Catcher. I don’t know anyone who has so wholeheartedly followed their dreams and opportunities. So proud to know you and call you my friend. Talk soon. LYLT xxxx


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