Translating Impossible Beauty into Words: Nederlands Dans Theater

Nederlands Dans Theater at The Civic Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand, 29 July 2016

SAFE AS HOUSES C Rahi Rezvani_online_5 @

Safe as Houses (Choreography by Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot)

Safe as Houses

Darkness and light
Shadow and illumination
Clock-ticking wall-chasing
Incogitable strength cranes limbs
A life in the hinge of an ankle
The vanishing ballet.


WOKE UP BLIND C Rahi Rezvani_print_smaller.jpg

Woke up Blind (Choreography by Marco Goecke, Music by Jeff Buckley)

Woke up Blind

An entire dance to one haunting, lingering Jeff Buckley note
“Burning holes with eyes of liquid brown”
Pulling and pushing
Wanting, hating
Hissing angry copulating frenzied love
Trapped inside the mind
Breakdown in communication
Together again. Alone.


THE STATEMENT C Rahi Rezvani_print_3-2.jpg

The Statement (Choreography by Crystal Pite)

The Statement

He’s here from upstairs.
Dancers slide and drip over the
boardroom table
Moral molasses.
The ability to proliferate conflict
light years away, from the
safety of the boardroom table.
Desperate quandary
Traitorous switched roles
Rapture and torment
Upstairs, and beneath a table.
A decision made?

STOP-MOTION RRahi Rezvani_online_2 @

Stop-Motion (Choreography by Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot)


White swans leap with
jerking intensity to
diving, soaring violins and cellos
(The cello: its timbre—truly—felt
right where my heart beats)
Heartache enacted in all its
Love and death and
Attraction and repulsion.

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