NZ Author Magazine: Summer 2015: Creating Fictional Worlds

I originally wrote this piece for an Auckland University post-graduate research speech competition—the first creative writing masters student ever to enter. Many of my competitors were scientists, medical students and engineers and I wanted to demonstrate that research has a serious place in creative writing—along with imagination and serendipity.

The resulting article was published in NZ Author, the magazine the NZ Society of Authors distributes to its members—a brilliant read for those interested in the New Zealand and international writing scenes. Some libraries have subscriptions or you can subscribe to the magazine here.

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North & South: November 2015: The Heart of the Matter with Paula Morris

In a strange colliding of worlds I interviewed my teacher at the time, Paula Morris, for The Heart of the Matter. Paula is as funny and candid in an interview as she is in class. If you haven’t read her masterpiece, Rangatira (2011), the summer break is the perfect time to rectify that!

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Forbidden Cities (2008)

On Coming Home (2015)2015_11_North&South_Paula Morris

Verve Magazine: August 2015: Cover story interview with Dinah Malyon

Hi there! From now on I’m going to upload my published magazine work here, for two reasons: firstly so I can share my work with you all; and secondly as an online portfolio and record of my published work. All stories published here have been published elsewhere first.

I interviewed home-staging queen, Dinah Malyon, earlier this year in her Aladdin’s cave of homewares in Parnell.


Caroline xx

2015_08_Verve Magazine_Dinah Malyon cover story