Book Review: The Great Wide Open, by Douglas Kennedy

A damn good go at the Great American Novel. If you enjoyed Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmonds, Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections, or Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, this book is for you.

This review first appeared in Otago Daily Times, 27 April 2019.

ODT_27 April_Douglas Kennedy_Great Wide Open.jpg

Reading the Great Wide Open, in the, ahem, great wide open.


Book Review: Body & Soul by Frank Conroy (1993)

Five stars. Amazing. Body & Soul by Frank Conroy

Five stars. Amazing. Body & Soul by Frank Conroy

Of course Conroy was an accomplished jazz pianist. There is no chance a non-musician could write such a vivid story about a musically gifted little boy andย about music the way Conroy does. I studied music through to my last year of school; I sing, play piano and guitar. Body & Soul gave me so many โ€˜a-ha!โ€™ moments; musical moments I did not think could be put into words: Continue reading