Book Review: Islands, by Peggy Frew

Such a beautiful, originally-told book. Frew examines how much a child should be allowed to shoulder in the face of tragedy, through the poetic rendering of a Melbourne family’s disintegration in the wake of divorce and the disappearance of the younger of two daughters, 15-year-old Anna.

This review first appeared in Otago Daily Times, 18th May 2019.

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Book Review: ‘Black Rock White City’ by A. S. Patric: Five Stars, Baby!

I’m off to Melbourne to catch up with My-Friend-Jarrod next month and what better way to ready myself than to indulge in new Melbourne fiction. And my goodness. What fiction this is. Five, oh five, oh five glorious and shining stars, Mr. Poetic-Patric.

He can’t speak to any of it because it isn’t about words anymore. It’s about another existence. Neither of them is sure about the present but this is some kind of afterlife (17).

A spot of reading. (Image copyright C. Barron 2015)

A spot of reading. Unposed, of course.
(Image copyright C. Barron 2015)

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