Concert Review: Jamie Lawson, The Tuning Fork, Auckland, Saturday 29th August 2015

Jamie Lawson in Auckland, 28 August 2015 at The Tuning Fork. Image copyright Caroline Barron 2015.

Jamie Lawson in Auckland, 29 August 2015 at The Tuning Fork. Image copyright Caroline Barron 2015.

The young boy standing next to me hung close to his Dad, every few minutes pulling his phone out from his jeans pocket and checking the camera was ready.

‘How old are you?’ I asked him.
‘Lucky you,’ I said. ‘Have you been to many concerts?’
‘This is my first,’ said Isaac (as I learned was his name).

We chat about first concerts. Mine was Queen at Mt Smart Stadium in 1985 (I’d just turned nine). Jeremy’s was the Eurythmics. Isaac’s dad’s was a punk band in a dive bar in London at aged 13. And now Isaac’s is Jamie Lawson at the Tuning Fork in Auckland.

And the story gets even cuter from there. Isaac’s Dad slipped a note to the sound guy with the beard and the AAA pass slung around his neck. Isaac’s Dad won’t tell us what the note said. I wonder if anything will come of it.

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Concert Review: Ed Sheeran, Vector Arena, Auckland: Saturday 11 April, 2015

“I’m perfectly up for losing my voice tonight, Auckland! Are you with me?”

Image copyright Caroline Barron, 2015

Image copyright Caroline Barron, 2015

I first saw Ed Sheeran three years ago on telly, singing A-Team at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert, a self-conscious 21-year-old with that unruly red hair. This is his fifth time in New Zealand since 2012, and the man on stage tonight – this unlikely hero – looks just like that guy from three year ago, but superhero powers gleaned from the brimming hearts of his millions of fans; twelve thousand of which sing every single word tonight. At times it is eerie, voices echoing from in front, behind – all sides – as if in a dimly lit cave, the intimacy belying the enormity of the venue. We could have been next door at the Tuning Fork.   

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