The Heart of the Matter: In Conversation with Alec Patric

In a month long two-way email interview with award winning Melbourne author Alec Patric, I uncover writing craft inspiration and a mutual love of beautifully crafted guitars. Patric is the author of Black Rock White City (2015),  acclaimed novella Bruno Kramzer (2013),  Las Vegas for Vegans (2012) and The Rattler & Other Stories (2011).

Alec Patric. Image copyright Alec Patric

Alec Patric. Image copyright Alec Patric

Caroline Barron: Tomorrow is Saturday, the beginning of the school holidays. We’re heading off as a family to Lake Rotoiti, which is in the middle of the North Island. Maori legend has it that a young warrior was hunting for delicacies for his pregnant wife when his dog ran off chasing a Kiwi through the forest. When the dog returned a few hours later, wet and sicking up half-digested fish, the warrior realised there must be a lake nearby and searched the forest until he found Lake Rotoiti (and Lake Rotorua). So, tomorrow, I have no work commitments and it’s looking like the perfect day.
Saturday, no work commitments; how does the perfect day look?
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Beer and Books with Willy Vlautin and The Delines

17th October, 2014 @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland, NZ

“I can’t give you one favorite book. How ‘bout five?” I say, squeezing my beer bottle for inspiration.

“Nope. Cheating. You gotta give me one.” Willy Vlautin – award winning author and alt-country superstar – rocks back and forth on his toes and smiles a smile that stretches like telephone lines from his eyes to his chin. My carriages are momentarily uncoupled.

Willy Vlautin at the Tuning Fork, Auckland, NZ. Image copyright Caroline Barron

“Here’s a song I wrote for my horse, Rudy.” Willy Vlautin at the Tuning Fork, Auckland, NZ. Image copyright Caroline Barron

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