A great book is not written, it is rewritten. Your Books encourages all their authors to seek script assessment and help/coaching so they can produce the very best possible manuscript. We are confident in recommending Caroline Barron to our authors as she has great knowledge of the writing process and takes great care in preparing her assessments. Caroline gives usable, clear feedback and coaching that challenges the writer to bring their A game to the story. 

Christine Anne Borra, Your Books: www.yourbooks.co.nz

I want you to know your work is so very helpful—supportive, necessary, refreshing and catalysing. You have made the most wonderful difference to my project, and energised me now to make it much better than I was able to imagine by myself.  Ideas are arriving this morning for cover, title, structure, chapter headings and overall themed illustrations in a newly coherent way—lighter, simpler, better—so magic is afoot.

Jane Catherine Severn

I’ve been delighted to have Caroline’s assistance in helping me with my business leadership book. She’s a pleasure to work with, giving clear direction and advice where needed, and can say what needs to be said in a kind way. But it’s on the commercial side that Caroline has come up trumps for me. Her strong understanding of what publishers and the marketplace wants has helped me pare back the initial structure of my book into a commercially viable product offering, and it’s why I chose to work with her. She’s also a lovely person, reliable and a joy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. 

Kimberly Sumner, Founder of She Prosperity and The Steps Leadership Programme: www.sheprosperity.com

Project: Working with Kimberly on an ongoing basis to shape her business leadership book structure and content for the US market.


Caroline, your help was invaluable to me when looking at the theme of the book, which I think I sorted. Your report gave me a lot of direction and helped my motivation, thank you again. I intend to self-publish with the work coming out in a few months. I hope you do not mind but I mentioned you in the acknowledgements. I never realised how hard it is to write a book but I have the bug now.  

Rob Ratterbury, Ex-policeman and Writer: www.rangitawapublishing.com

Project: A full assessment of Rob’s memoir manuscript; helping him shape the work into a self-publishing-ready book. The work was released in early 2019 through Rangitawa Publishing.